How Alcohol Affects Weight Loss

admin / September 29, 2017

Alcohol drinks generally include more calorie than normal drinks thus our body typically can not use this energy. This extra calorie taken from the alcohols is stored in the metabolism like body fats and then causes us to get weight. In dessert alcohols, there is also more sugar so they include more calorie than any other drinks. The more sugar rate in an alcohol the more calorie rate.

Just alcohols do not involve calorie besides the junk foods eaten with alcohol also include more fat. Moreover, these snacking cause to get weight( chips, fried potato, cheese etc.)

Alcohol drinks are more appetizing; that kind of consuming causes one to eat more. By the way getting weight is much easier than before.

Weight Loss And Alcohol Consumption

Try hard to stay away from alcohol in your diets.

Wine known as the alcohol including the least calorie gets this from the ingredients like tannin but even the calorie in wine is quite redundant to miss the target weight in the diet. A wineglass of wine involves about 100 Kcal thus it is not a rate to be underestimated. Therefore, alcohols are hazardous because of their harms both to your weight and to your organs and metabolism.

People who consume alcohol properly are suggested to drink plenty of liquids ( water) and exercise regularly by specialists. Especially fat deposit in the belly or stomach area of men because of alcohol will decrease even if it is limited.

Insomnia ( sleeplessness) problems resulted by consuming alcohol are the facts increasing the rate of getting weight. An unhealthy metabolism and malnutrition enhance the weight gain. Moreover, it is not to be forgotten that the benefits of foods taken with cigarette and alcohol decrease the lowest level.

Approximate Calorie Rate of Alcohols

Beer (1 glass  )……….150

White wine( dry 1 wineglass )……100

White wine( dessert 1 wineglass )…..125

Red Wine( Dry 1 wineglass )…..125

Red Wine( Dömi dry 1 wineglass )….125

Red Wine( Dessert 1 wineglass )……170

Cognac ( Small 1 glass )…….100

Rakı ( Small 1 glass )………250

Whiskey ( Scotch 1 double )………200

Other whiskeys ( 1 double )……..220

Vermouth and liqueurs ( small 1 liqueur glass )……90

Gin (1 double)………….160

Vodka (1 double)…………160

Martini cocktail (dry 1 glass )……100

Martini cocktail (dessert 1 glass )……150

Other cocktails ( 1 wineglass )……200

Rum (1 double )………….200